Passenger Ferry Sailing Schedule and Fare Information


Toledo City, Cebu – San Carlos City, Negros Occidental Ferry Schedule








Office:        Rm. 203 Aznar Bldg., T. Padilla St. Cebu City

Tel. Nos.      (032) 234-4624 to 29

Toledo Office:  (032) 467- 9447


Toledo to San Carlos (ETD):

6:30 AM (First Trip)         Fastcraft

9:30 AM                                  Fastcraft

11:30 AM                                Fastcraft

3:00 PM                                  Melrivic 10               

4:30 PM (Last Trip)           Fastcraft








San Carlos- Toledo (ETD):

 7:30 AM (First Trip)       Fastcraft

9:30 AM                                 Fastcraft

10:45 AM                               Fastcraft

12:30 PM                                Melrivic 10

2:30 PM                                  Fastcraft




FULL:               Php  210

STUDENTS:            180

SENIOR:                   170

KIDS:                         105


FULL:                Php  230

STUDENTS:             195

SENIOR:                    185

KIDS:                          115











OFFICE:   # 14 G. Lavilles St. cor. M.J. Cuenco Avenue

                       Tinago, Cebu City

Tel. Nos.      (032) 255-1721 to 26

                      (032) 414-9001 to 03

FAX:             (032) 255-1724  

                       (032)  414-9990

Toledo City:  (032) 322- 6387 

                         (032)  467- 9604

San Carlos City:  (034) 312- 5127 

                                 (034)  729-8040




Toledo to San Carlos (ETD):

7:30 AM (First Trip)

1:00 PM

6:00 PM 

San Carlos to Toledo (ETD):

5:00 AM (First Trip)

10:00 AM

3:30 PM



 Economy                  Php  170

Standard                             180

Tourist                                 190

Business                              200

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10 Responses to “Passenger Ferry Sailing Schedule and Fare Information”

  1. hi how much could we pay for 12 persons and a hi ace van on a barge from toledo to san carlos. we would be leaving tonight for toledo.we are still here in cebu.please help.thank reggie

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  2. Are the schedules still the same?I am planning to travel from Toledo to San Carlos City this coming Saturday,September14, 2013

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    • Hi sorry for the late response, I do hope you find yourself comfortable with your travel at this very moment. Weather is good down there at Tanon Strait so I might expect the schedules are normal and still the same as usual.

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  3. Bernadeth Gustafson Says:

    How long does the trip last?

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  4. Ryza Pausa Says:

    please provide itinerary and cancellation of trips every time a storm is brewing. kindly update your website.tnX!

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    • Ryza,

      Yes I am planning to update the contents (especially the schedules) soon, I am still gathering information. I am one man admin here and it is unfortunate to not cover it all due to some other commitment.
      By the way it is expected that whenever there is a storm and pag-asa raises the storm signal into #1…expect that there will be a cancellation of voyages in every port destination, that is mandatory as far as I know. Thanks

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  5. Cedie Bam Says:

    Do you have any promo rates? What month probably? Is the scheduled trip posted is everyday? Just asking, because it is some king different schedule here in Mindanao. We should have to fit our trip schedule going to San Carlos City. Thank you.

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  6. roque louie israel Says:

    Is there any trip bound to san carlos city this week or tomorrow?

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