Islandhopping 101: Five Questions to Ask for People Who Wish to Venture on an Island Hopping Adventure- 2019 Edition

Rizal Boulevard, Dumaguete City- a fine place to start your Island hopping adventure.

 “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Almost everyone of us, for once in our life, would want to be a tourist and at the same time a traveler-exploring island after islands, roaming around valleys, hills, and seascape; meeting people from far away places, taking selfies of oneself behind famous landmark; spending quality time with friends and families while basking the summer heat along the sandy beach of Coron, El Nido, Boracay, Panglao, Siquijor,  etc.. But how?

There are several ways to do it, among the favorite choice is the guided tour packages. I think every would be traveler/tourists are well accustomed with to these kind of set-up, all you have to do is choose the best package offered by a Travel and Tour agency, and settle the necessary payment then voila, you’re good to Go! One thing I don’t like about package tour (no offense to my lady friend, just my personal opinion) is the fact that you will pay the cost for the tour package  you’re in, plus their service fees, commission, sales tax etc. ouch! Not only that it limits your freedom to go anywhere you want- after all you’re just a tourist and not the explorer you should have been.

Then there’s this what they called the self-guided “Do It Yourself”  (DIY) tour. A tried and tested way mostly done by young, old, and independent generation of adventure seekers. Basically doing your own planning and researching before going on a trip cut the need for the costly tour middleman, period! If you plan your own itinerary yourself you get the freedom to choose your own adventure set-up, whether on a bumpy ride of a local jeepney, or at the comfort of an inter-modal buses, or why not on a roller coaster like ride of a ferry boat? Pretty sure you’ll discover every town and cities in this country even when you’re on a tight budget.

But exactly how? One way I know is through Island hopping.

Here are five questions frequently ask about Island hopping.

1.   What is Island Hopping?

An island off the coast of Tablas Island

It is simply going to an island after islands in a slow moving ferry boat. If you’re a fast paced, jet-setter type of person,  I am not really sure you will loved the idea  (but I hope you do love the idea, or somehow considering it after), simply because ferry travel in a Philippine setting is unlike American or European type of cruising, why? See it here. Traveling on a ferry boat can be a little disappointing and chaotic especially to first timer. But for those who tried it once you would surely feel the need to try it again and again simply because it’s a lot cheaper and  it is the most convenient mode of transporting people and cargoes to far flung island  destination;  plus the fact that it is said to be more fun and exciting than the usual and boring air travel.

Island hopping is all about going to as many islands as you can without over-spending (making you broke upon returning home is a non-sense). Compared to packaged tour wherein you fly to your destination, and then visit famous landmark during daylight, stay in a  cozy hotel at night-for a couple of days- and that’s it!- unless your itenerary says otherwise. I say No! island hopping is far more exciting and educational than that, believe me.

2.   Why Island Hopping?


It is an old and tested, fun and exciting way of reaching your dream destination. I mean it’s like going back to about a hundred or less  years ago  wherein air travel is virtually unheard of and the only means reaching another island is by way of sailing. My Spanish-Moorish ancestors have done it centuries ago where they too went on island hopping coming from their homelandi Spain. Looking, searching, and finally discovered an island here where its beauty and mystery were then explored. I’m pretty sure you have it too.I

Island hopping adventures are tailor-made for young generations of thrill-seekers whom are in a look out of something new and something different. Young professionals now adays have these type of drive because they’re typically more creative, inventive, idealistic, pro-active and successful in making money. Island hopping adventure will gteatly improved once concentration, broadened its own perspective, and will test its own limits as you will leave from your comfort zone.

3.   What can I achieve doing Island Hopping?

Honestly, it depends on each individual. I remember my first island hopping way back 2008. I was wandering from Manila down to Bicol on a bumpy, back-aching bus ride; then went on island hopping to Samar and Leyte for two non-stop days. Feeling not satisfied thereafter, despite lack of sleep and rest, I embarked on a slow ferry boat to Cebu and Negros Island (Dumaguete to be exact); and a few days thereafter I went back to Manila again via Bacolod and Iloilo City on a slow boat.  What did I achieved on that trip? a lot, I got answer to my prayers… short of a miracle.

Pasig river has the best ferry connection to the islands in Palawan

And it was followed on year after year since then, island hopping trip all over Visayas and Mindanao. And Just recently I did Bicol-Romblon- Panay-Samar loop after my trip to Camiguin via Cebu and Davao City seven months ago.  And in the future, if fortune provides I am contemplating for another island hopping tour in the islands of Palawan via Pasig river for a change…wish me luck!

What did I got out of these grueling, back-breaking and butt-burning trip?  It made me realized the need for more adventure, exploring island after islands to get familiar with the ports I have never been to and then sharing this infos here in my blog so as I can help others who may need/want it.

It is tricky to find the right reason on activities such as I mentioned. Maybe you should ask yourself first, is it worth? I’m sure you will find a convincing reason for yourself.

4.   How to stage a successful Island Hopping?


Accomplishment for your week to month-long island hopping trip will be measured upon your return to the comfort of your own home. That’s the way it is, no one for sure can foretell the hurdle you will encounter during your journey to discovery- remember you’ll opt the Do it Yourself  vacation trip, it means you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime. It’s not a guided tour wherein you pay someone to take you safely and without any inconveniences- and let you take a snapshot behind a landmark…for the sake of you being there. Instead you’re going on an island hopping on your own or with your friends because you knew well enough how to be an explorer and not as a tourist.

Looking for a successful island hopping adventure trip would depend on a good planning of course.You should consider as many things you can imagine, you need to do a lot of research. And sometimes it will involve your family and friends for an advice; consultation to people with experienced doing such kind of activities so as to make your trip easy and safely. Always remember that each plan of action may work or not work along the way, most of the time your travel plan may fail (that is why God created tour guides)  but it’s normal. What I did when my plan didn’t work? Well, I got options A to Z to consider.

Here are few things to think about  while you’re in a planning stage. Do you prefer luggage or backpack? Island hopping is all about mobility, you will be in constant motion doing a lot of walking , transferring from one mode of transportation into another. Luggage will surely keep you uncomfortable throughout the journey.

Do you incline towards staying at cozy hotel? How about at the comfort of a bus or ferry terminal’s benches and floors for change? Island hopping is not about being a tourist who goes for a sight-seeing, shopping spree snd checking-in into the nicest hotels around town. It’s all about being a traveler who knows how to be simple and adapted to an environment one’s in.

And last but not the least, he/she must have a slightest discipline on spending. Island hopping is for people who are in search for the elusive “something new and something different ” for their life.

5.  When is the best time to do Island Hopping?

Yes tanaw ko na ang Negros Island

You may do it anytime of the year whenever and wherever, there are no rule as to when will be the best time. But a good island hopping traveler must knew when will be the best time to travel, they usually knows the perfect weather, the less crowded and cheap fares around. He or she knows how to get in and out of the island with ease, and as much as possible prevent him/her from being stranded for a long time.

A good traveler knows how to plan well and expect that such  plan may not perfect after all-and doesn’t frustrate or curse if things falls differently as expected. The ideal island hoppers are usually those that are cool and in control, mobile, flexible, tough, free wheeling, determined and got a good timing. And of course just like a tourist, one must have enough money reserve inside the pocket just to make sure.

Where is the best destination to start on island hopping adventure?W e’ll see about that in the coming months.

Have a pleasant day everyone!


14 thoughts on “Islandhopping 101: Five Questions to Ask for People Who Wish to Venture on an Island Hopping Adventure- 2019 Edition

    • I wonder how big your pet? But I pressume it isn’t as big as your SUV I guess :-). Kidding a side, of course you can bring along your pets on-board a ship, just bring along veterinary certificate just in case, and Quarantine permit.


  1. Hello, so nice website, I begin read today and I think I will read much more. Thanks for the site.
    I am curious about is I can take a bike with me when I travel in ferry boats? I am thinking in a Islandhoping with bike…

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    • Thank you. Yes you can bring a bike with you but somehow you will be charge few hundred pesos (depending on a ferry) as cost for bringing a bike on-board. I too is planning on bringing a bicycle should I go ahead with my plan on Island hopping again in Cuyo or Coron (I wasn’t done with this beautiful place though).

      Have a nice day 🙂


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    speed is incredible. It kind of feels that you are doing any distinctive trick.
    Also, The contents are masterpiece. you have performed a magnificent activity on this topic!

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    • Thank you Melisa for that very inspiring comments. Actually I didn’t do anything special- just pure passion in whatever I do, I think, made islandhopping geek extraordinary 🙂


    • Hi there, appreciate that nice feed back Domingo. Yes I am trying to figure out how to start my next post, actually its in my head already 🙂
      Thank you again sir.


    • Thank you for that very nice feed back, it really does motivates me more. I’m working on my next island hopping helpful guide, together of course with ferry schedules that covers new destination. Coming soon 🙂


  3. Hi Mr. Chua,
    You may check @ for updated ferry schedule and fares for Manila to Dumaguete v.v.. Should you have further question in mind feel free to ask here. Thanks!


  4. Help needed info. on sea fares and ship scheadule from mla to dumaguete city . If I have those info.,then i can travel and read your island hopping guide


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