About Islandhopping Geek

Islandhopping Geek is a travel junkie by heart.

This website is created for all travelers out there who wish to do their own version of Island hopping.  Upon visiting my blog, I’m pretty sure you will find a bit of information to guide you on your next travel exploration. One of my focus in writing is sharing with you updated ferry schedules, which proved to be very important to every sea-going traveler, thus planning your itinerary in advance will be smooth and easy. I also included travel tips for first time ferry boat traveler, this is also important part for any tourist going for Island hopping, so as to prevent confusion and disappointment  while on the road or at sea. Ports that I often visited are all given spotlight so as to give everyone an idea of its history-associated facts and figures are also emphasized to add significance to the subject. 

Research materials by the way were obtained from various sources, either On-site, meaning information coming from port itself, or online sources, meaning information came from the internet. Books, journals, and other materials however, were all taken from the National Library (Kalaw, Maynila)- authors of these materials were credited accordingly on each and every published topics.

Ports that are featured in these guides belongs to major ports of entry for people and goods, which I/we have been to on many occasions. 

My objective by the way for this project is to create a website that will house all of these information in one roof, and make it available to every sea-going travelers (foreign tourist, returning pinoy vacationers, student, backpackers, and businesses as well) thus, planning your island-hopping itinerary in advanced is easy, and hassle-free.

My vision is to create a mobile apps that is similar but not identical to that of UBER application. The purpose of this application is to provide real-time information to sea going public while they’re planning on their travel itinerary. This application I dream-of will provide accurate and reliable shipping information not only to travelers/tourist but also to merchants, truckers and shippers. With just few clicks of a button, real-time information about ferries plying on a certain destination, its schedules and fares, cargoes/shipment booking and fees, as well as other relevant stuff will be delivered on their mobile phones thru voice or text messaging, wouldn’t be that great for everyone?

But of course I’m looking at the bigger picture here and not just day-dreaming, but who knows? I believe that there’s opportunity here to develop and take advantage of such crazy idea, and  it could only be realized if new partners are available to help-in to make it possible …  a visionary, passionate and committed  partners that is.

The images found on every link or articles are owned exclusively by its respective author, and everyone is discouraged to reproduced, copy, distribute, transmit, and published it unless otherwise written consent are hereby requested. Should anyone interested on any of these images, you may post your inquiry on each of the author’s page.

Shipping schedules by the way are near accurate, but as a precaution arrive at these mentioned seaport ahead of time, so that you will avoid the hassle and buzzle of  queuing a long line to purchase a ticket – most if not all shipping operators does not have online booking arrangement, sadly! – or securing a boarding fees and permits for your pets and vehicles, especially during peak season. By the way shipping operators most of the time changed their schedule due to some factors affecting their operations. 

Islandhopping Geek-that’s me of course, travels every now and then, so as to update any information found here; continuous improvement is what really I am into, so that you my visitors/travelers will have fine and accurate information available on your hand. Everybody are welcome to share information , contribute an article, post commentaries and advises on each published topics, but please let’s limit our discussion to sea travel.

Enjoy your visit.


Contact me at: migu@ islandhoppinggeek.com


Topics contained herein are for information purposes only. The authors/publisher provides no warranty to its content as information provided are subjective, so keep this in mind when reviewing posted articles.

The creator and author is not liable for any loss of profits or any other commercial damages resulting from using the content provided. All links are for information purposes only, and are not fully warranted for content, accuracy, or any other implied or explicit purpose.

Thank you.


10 thoughts on “About Islandhopping Geek

  1. Hello Sir Migu,

    Thank you so much po for sharing this information. Do you have any knowledge or experience how to take a car to Puerto Princesa City from Batangas Pier? I would appreciate your reply via my email

    Mabuhay po kayo!
    Lorna P.


    • Hi Ms. Lorna,

      Honestly, I don’t have any experience taking a car between this two ports, on the other hand, I, certainly have some knowledge on how to get your car to Puerto Princesa on a ferry boat.

      It seems you forgot to type in your email add, may I suggest you to please send your queries to migu@islandhoppinggeek.com instead… Thanks!


  2. Dear Migu,

    This is Anke from http://www.FleetMon.com, a web community for global ship spotting and AIS tracking.

    We are always looking for new partners all around the world to improve the global AIS coverage. I would like to learn more about your project and find out if we can support each other. Please feel free to get in touch with me via the contact form on our website.

    Best regards,


  3. Hi Migu,

    I would like to ask ship spotters in the Philippines to help me host AIS stations so they are able to see the vessel traffic in their ports. Let me know how we can go about this.

    Many thanks,



    • Hi Anthony,

      First of all I say thank you for your e-mail, I was delighted to read this good news from you. Indeed Shipspotter like me that is based here in the Philippines would be glad to assist you in our humble capacity. In your proposed plan of hosting AIS Station it will be very good idea and a big help for our vastly ill-equipt maritime vessel plying our seas. Hope to hear from you the exact plan of how to put up AIS Station here and how can we (Shipspotters) assist you.

      Best regards,



    • I wish to say thank you for taking interest of Philippine Ship Spotters Society. If I’m not mistaken you’re already one of the valued member of our PSSS group. But if you wish to be contributor or publisher of Philippine Ship Spotter Society Blog, I would be very much grateful though.

      Best Regards.


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